I have noticed the way mama looks at me sometimes. But I do not think she realises she is doing it most times. It is odd… But I have become used to it

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And the story so far…


Please reblog this and tell me what your characters have been doing for the last month/significant events.

Really all Zeus has been up to is going through a short bout of being spiritually possessed and his training to be a shaman. Also he’s preparing to host the spirit of his dead father oops ))

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Somehow I gave myself a couple of bruises during the night. This is strange but… Okay

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-Squints at everything-

How dare anyone breathe my air. Get away from me

-Leaves a giant ass bug and a poorly written note in his native tongue pinned to Tamoomoo's door before scooting away laughing to himself-



*Opens the door and is about to go somewhere….*

……. *breathes in fresh air*

*Looks at the bug and internally screams*

……. What was the point of this bug… Oh wait, what… There’s a note….

*Goes to pick up the note but then frowns*

I don’t know how to read this what language is this in

-There’s quiet laughter from her roof, Zeus plainly trying to keep himself from laughing too hard or loudly. Obviously she couldn’t read his language, not that he was surprised in any way. Then, out of nowhere, an Ariados was sent to crawl down the side of her home and give her a nice, warm hug-

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Northern California, US (by Jeremy Cram)


Northern California, US (by Jeremy Cram)

A grand storm had just rolled in, Zeus sitting smack in the middle of it. He was easily drenched to the bone but he made no effort to go inside and get dry. All he did was just sit on his favourite stump and stare at the ground. There were no thoughts going through his mind, and it was surprising he even remembered to breathe.

He just sat. If one stared at him for a while, he might have blinked on occasion. He was absolutely numb from the brain down.

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Inca Trail, Peru (by kurtgordon)


Inca Trail, Peru (by kurtgordon)


South Africa (by Hougaard Malan)


South Africa (by Hougaard Malan)


(Have some Alan color refs and stuff from tonight. His skin photo’d really light? By he’s supposed to be more of an olive skinned tone yeah)